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On top of the skin covered with hair. The most popular sales with significant discounts happen at Christmas time. Today, online Commerce has been widely developed.

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The cortical layer is thicker than the previous one, consists of spindle-shaped cells along the axis of the hair. This layer determines the strength of the hair; in this layer contains pigments that give the hair color. At the moment, Internet Commerce has grown from a trivial purchase in a rather interesting area of activity in which they find implementing the most risky ideas, and when appropriate implement them, surprisingly, they begin to bring amazing profits. In the early centuries of Astrakhan sewed children's coats, they were decorated with embroidery, lace and fancy buttons. 2) Viscose, a Natural fabric made from cellulose. The core was loose porous fabric with pigment granules. This layer opredelit heat fur - the more developed core, the warmer the fur and the less it is durable

The most popular sales with significant discounts happen at Christmas time.

Fur — hair of mammals. Unlike wool, the concept of fur applies only to families Mustelidae and lagomorphs and some rodents (beaver) and canids (foxes), as well as cat — lynx, leopard, etc. as the term is used as a designation already dressed skins of fur-bearing animal saved on her fur. The main function of fur is the creation of a microclimate, protection from adverse environmental conditions, protective coloration.

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In the skin of the animal, there are three layers: Upper epidermis (skin) is the outer layer composed of squamous epithelium. Is from 2 to 5% of the thickness of the skins. Average, derma — main layer formed by the protein collagen fibers. Subdivided into: